Shop Metal Pallets from our UK store

Shop Metal Pallets from our UK store

The use of robust metal pallets is widespread in heavy industry as well as in retail and logistics. Whatever your business, the transportation, storage and organisation of goods and materials is made easier with metal pallets at your disposal.

With more than 25 years’ experience, our engineering team has the knowledge and expertise to build metal stillages from scratch which are guaranteed to increase productivity in any workplace.

At Metal Cages & Pallets, we design, manufacture and stock a variety of metal pallets for sale, as well as reconditioning used products and offering a flexible rental service.

Our standard metal pallets for sale include:

Mesh metal pallets

Popular and highly versatile products used for heavy and bulky items. Stackable to 4 units high.

Mesh metal pallets

    Sheet metal pallets

    Solid sided stillages used for smaller items which need to be contained. Stackable to 4 units high.

    Sheet metal pallets

    Combined mesh and sheet metal pallets

    Multipurpose metal pallets which can be stacked to 4 units high.

    Combined mesh and sheet metal pallets

    Metal post pallets

    Used for large or awkwardly shaped items such as piping, scaffolding and other construction materials. With demountable legs, these offer a robust alternative to wooden pallets.

    Metal post pallets

    Bespoke metal pallets for sale

    Aside from our standard metal pallets for sale, we are also able to design and manufacture customised stillages.

    Our engineers have years of experience building metal pallets that are fit for purpose.

    By speaking directly to our team, you will be able to guide the design process in creating a prototype of the pallet you need. This can be tried and tested in the workplace and any alterations made before you decide to commit to a bulk order.

    Choose from the following options to customise your ideal metal pallet:

    • 360° castors for ease of movement
    • Drop front
    • Forklift guides
    • Removable partitions
    • Demountable legs
    • Sheet or mesh steel
    • Painted or galvanised finish
    • Stackable feet

    Buy or rent metal pallets directly from us!

    By dealing with us, customers are able to speak directly with the manufacturer about their order as well as make substantial savings for their business.

    Cut out the catalogue companies to reap the following benefits:

    • Bulk buy for discount – the bigger your order the lower the unit price
    • No mark-up - we are as much as 60% cheaper than other online retailers as we are the manufacturer as well
    • Fast turnaround of orders – dealing directly with us means we can get to work on your order without delay
    • No call centres – should you have a query about your order, you can speak directly to a member of our engineering team

    Not only do we stock metal pallets for sale, we also have a number of metal pallets to rent on a long or short-term basis for as little as 15 pence per day!

    If your need for metal pallets is seasonal or project based, renting is a sensible solution. You will still benefit from using our robust metal pallets without having to bear the full cost.

    Will your business benefit from the use of metal pallets?

    Contact us today! Fill in our simple website form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

    Or call us on 01942 386830 to speak directly with an engineer.

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