What is the best customised stillage for my business?

What is the best customised stillage for my business?

Maybe you’ve been asked to purchase a new stillage for your business –  firstly, it could be helpful to understand what is a stillage but do you know about all of the custom options available from Metal Cages & Pallets to make sure your stillage is totally tailored to your business?

Why buy a customised stillage?

Here at metalcagesandpallets.co.uk, we have a vast amount of knowledge in manufacturing bespoke, customisable stillages for our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering to our customers the right stillages perfectly matched to their needs. Stillages which are customised to your business can be a positive investment by saving you money in the long term.

Some of the custom stillage options offered include:

Which customised options would be best for you?

With so many customisable options available for your stillage, it can be difficult to choose which options would suit your business best.

Stillage with removable dividers

A stillage with removable dividers is a great ‘multi-purpose’ option, making it easier to separate, store and transport smaller items.

Stillage with fork lift guides

If you use a fork lift in your warehouse then we would recommend a stillage with forklift guides. These are guides which are built into the stillage, meaning that the fork lift operator will know exactly where to lift the stillage, balancing the stillage evenly during movement. This will improve the efficiency of moving the stillage with a fork lift truck. It will also reduce the chances of an accident happening, such as a stillage tipping over.

Stillage with castors

Allowing you to move items without the need for a fork lift, and offering improved mobility, our stillage with castors is a convenient product, unique to Metal Cages & Pallets. According to your need, either normal weight or heavy-duty castor wheels are securely fixed to your stillage and designed to make the movement of your stillage easier and fork lift free when moving across the warehouse floor.

Stillages with optional finishes

Every stillage comes with the option of a custom finish, including:

  • Raw steel finish
  • Painted finish
  • Galvanised finish
  • Powder-coated finish

If you’re looking for a more durable finish then a galvanised or powder-coated finish would be best for you. You could also leave the stillage in its raw steel form if you would prefer.

Mesh, steel or combination stillages

Each stillage comes with an option to have mesh sides,  sheet metal sides  or a combination of both. This comes down to preference; meanwhile, if your storage needs don’t require contained sides, then the metal post pallet stillage will be ideal for you.

Why buy from us?

Metal Cages & Pallets’ team has over ten years’ experience in the engineering and manufacture of steel stillage products. Our industry experts have developed a wide range of storage and transportation solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including those in the retail, manufacturing and nuclear sectors.

We’re located centrally close to the M6, making us accessible nationwide throughout the UK and beyond.

Our stillages are designed, engineered and distributed from our Greater Manchester base. We’re proud British manufacturers, sourcing our steel locally and building from scratch in the UK.

You can see every stillage and the customisable options we offer here.

If you require any more answers or assistance, or if you want something more bespoke to suit your own needs, then don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01942 386 830 or drop us an email.

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