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  • Metal Mesh Stillage With Removable Front - REFURBISHED

    A refurbished mesh sided stillage with 'lift off' front. - Refurbished stillage repainted by us (unpainted option available saving £10 per unit) - This metal stillage is used - and...
    From £50.00
  • Heavy Duty Pipe & Rod Racking Stillage

    Our heavy-duty mobile pipe storage stillage has been designed to ensure the safe storage and movement of pipes, rods, tubing and other long-length items in workplace environments. This pipe/rod storage...
    From £188.00
  • Metal Stillage Trolley/Trikke on Castors

    Designed to fit our standard sized stillages, this trolley (or trikke) allows your stillage to be moved without the need for a forklift. Our stillage trolley is designed to fit...
    From £80.00
  • Demountable Metal/Steel Heavy Duty Post Pallet - With 1.3 Legs

    Our metal post stillages (pallets) are used across all industries, ideal for warehousing they are a durable alternative to wooden pallets. Manufactured using mild steel and reinforced, this metal post...
    From £80.00
  • Large Lockable Site Stillage (Storage Box)

    This lockable steel stillage with solid sides and lid is perfect for storing large and valuable items on building and construction sites, factory's and warehousing. Our lockable storage stillages are...
    From £130.00
  • Metal Stillage with Solid Sides and Detachable Front

    A strong, versatile storage solution, this steel constructed stillage features a lift-off front. This sheet metal constructed stillage is ideal for storing products that are required on a regular basis....
    From £107.00
  • Metal Solid Parts Stillage - USED

    Was £15, now £12 each! A refurbished metal solid parts stillage. Please note that this is a refurbished product and as such will show some signs of wear. We have...
  • Budget Metal Post Pallet with Demountable Legs

    Our budget post pallet with demountable legs are a low-cost option for storing products across a wide range of industries. Our budget post stillage (pallet) is a great way to...
    From £88.00
  • Hypacage Stillage - Foldable Wire Mesh, 800KG Capacity

    This heavy duty fully zinc plated wire hypacage collapses, saving space when not in use. A value for money hypacage! This foldable stillage also has a large 800kg storage capacity....
  • Metal/Steel Heavy Duty Half Drop Front Stillage (Extra Large)

    This durable drop-fronted stillage is perfect for storing large, heavy items. It can also be stacked to maximise space in your factory or warehouse. This sheet sided stillage features a...
    From £225.00
  • Metal Stillage with Mesh Sides and Detachable Front

    Here’s a strong, versatile and efficient way to store and retrieve products in your workplace! Each individual Mesh Square is 50mm x 50mm in size. This mesh constructed stillage is...
    From £107.00
  • Metal Stillage with Mesh Sides & Solid Base

    One of our most popular stillages, a mesh sided stillage which is stackable to 4 units high. Each individual Mesh Square is 50mm x 50mm in size. A great value,...
    From £100.00