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NEW RANGE! Collapsible pallet cages & stillages

Space-saving, versatile and available in a range of styles to suit your team’s needs, collapsible pallet cages from make for a valuable storage and handling solution in your workplace. These durable and robust collapsible pallet cages are used by customers in a wide range of industries, offering great storage capacity for products including industrial equipment, bulky goods, commercial laundry, warehousing and storeroom goods.

Featuring products sourced for their quality and robust construction, foldable and collapsible pallet cages include a sturdy, industrial-strength gitterbox pallet cage, a range of collapsible and heavy duty Euro hypacages, stackable wire mesh collapsible pallet cages and the popular half-Euro hypacage.

Quality-assured and shipped throughout the UK from our Greater Manchester workshop, our Metal Cages & Pallets pallet cage engineer team dispatches collapsible pallet cages quickly to keep your projects and workplace running on schedule.

Ordering in bulk? If you’re ordering 40 or more collapsible pallet cages, call 01942 386 830 for a quote with volume discounts.

Which collapsible pallet cages & stillages do we sell?

Collapsible pallet cage foldable gitterbox

Shop for collapsible pallet cage stillages – from £215+vat

Designed and built to last, the collapsible pallet cage, also known as a ‘gitterbox’, is a heavy duty steel product ideal for use in industrial, construction and other demanding settings. Compared to similar products on the market, the load capacity of the collapsible pallet cage gitterbox is excellent at a tough 800KG.

Metal Cages & Pallets’ heavy-duty collapsible pallet cage gitterbox, ideal for industrial, construction & heavy manufacturing setting - Shop Now!

The 4-sided collapsible pallet cage gitterbox features a removable half-drop gate on one side, and a fully removable gate to the opposite side, allowing for easy accessibility to stored goods when stacked. The collapsible pallet cage gitterbox folds down easily to be stored when not in use.

Heavy duty collapsible wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage

Shop for heavy duty collapsible wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage – from £130+vat

Stackable to 4 units high when loaded, the heavy duty collapsible wire mesh pallet cage folds down to just 210mm high, making this an excellent space-saving option for workplaces where storage space is at a premium.

Metal Cages & Pallets’ collapsible wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage with excellent storage capacity, ideal for heavy-duty industrial uses - Shop Now

When in use, the collapsible wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ carries a generous 1200KG capacity, suitable for use across a huge range of industries including retail, logistics, transportation, construction and engineering. With a bright zinc plating finish, the collapsible wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage will last rust-free for years.

Foldable 800KG capacity wire mesh pallet cage

Foldable 800KG capacity wire mesh pallet cage – Shop Now!

Offering great value for money and a large 800KG storage capacity suitable for use in a complete range of industrial, commercial, retail and logistics settings, the foldable wire mesh stillage collapses down to a height of just 280mm, making this an easily-stored product when not in use.

Metal Cages & Pallets’ collapsible & foldable wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage with generous 800KG load capacity - Shop Now

When loaded, the foldable wire mesh pallet cage can be stacked to 4 units high. Each product contains a half-drop side allowing for easy access to goods in storage, and wire mesh pallet cages are fully zinc plated, giving the foldable wire mesh pallet cage a bright appearance suitable for both front- and back-of-house uses.

GET AHEAD! Half Euro ‘Hypacage’ wire mesh pallet cage with 350KG capacity now available to pre-order

Metal Cages & Pallets’ collapsible half Euro wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage available for pre-orders - shop now!

Available for dispatch in early January 2022, the half Euro wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage carries a load capacity of 350KG, making this ideal for most industrial and commercial uses, as well as for transport and logistics handlers.

Metal Cages & Pallets’ collapsible half Euro wire mesh ‘Hypacage’ pallet cage available for pre-orders - Shop Now

Units are stackable to 5 units high when loaded, and each ‘Hypacage’ wire mesh pallet cage is collapsed quickly for space-saving storage when not in use. We expect that the half Euro wire mesh pallet cage will be available for dispatch in early January, but shipping dates are not confirmed.

Looking for something more bespoke? MC&P designs and manufactures a wide range of pallet cage products for customers across the UK. If you’re looking for a more bespoke collapsible pallet cage product to suit specific needs, whether you need a longer, shorter or taller product, or other features such as bespoke colour, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Collapsible pallet cages sourced, quality-assured & shipped UK-wide from leading UK storage, loading & handling supplier

Metal Cages & Pallets’ skilled team enjoys over 25 years’ design, engineering and manufacturing experience. Now a leading manufacturer and supplier in the UK, our storage, loading, handling and logistics products, including collapsible pallet cages and foldable wire mesh cages, provide valuable storage and handling capacity for businesses in sectors ranging from construction and engineering to large-scale manufacturing, heritage, conservation, retail, leisure and marine logistics.

Our in-house stillages, pallet cages, bins and handling products are designed by our team and Made In Britain at our Greater Manchester workshop. Metal Cages & Pallets is pleased to supply leading names including B&M, Homebase, Dunelm, the National Trust, the Environment Agency and Wayfair, amongst many others.

Delivery of your collapsible pallet cages

When ordering, choose to collect your heavy duty collapsible pallet cages directly from us in Greater Manchester, or we can deliver your collapsible pallet cages, steel stillages, pallets and other products throughout the UK.

Order collapsible pallet cages from Metal Cages & Pallets

Order online, contact MC&P or call 01942 386 830 to speak to our experienced engineers about our collapsible pallet cage range and our complete wider choice of handling, logistics and storage products.

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