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MC&P is a family engineering business based in St. Helens, Merseyside. The founder, Melvyn Clarke has been in the handling equipment industry since 1988. In 2009 Melvyn set up his own light engineering business manufacturing metal stillages and post pallets for the scaffolding industry. Later that year Melvyn was joined by his son, Paul Clarke, and then in 2017 by his daughter, Kelly.

Our Head Engineer Connor and our time-served welders now produce a wide variety of high-quality storage products for customer based across the UK.

MC&P ARE THE LARGEST UK MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER OF STILLAGE PRODUCTS. We were the FIRST UK MANUFACTURER to take our products direct to the marketplace via our online store. Cutting out the distributors mean that our customers save up to 60% when purchasing a wide range of storage products via our website.

Can't find the right stillage or storage product? We'll build it for you - ask us for a quote!

Frequently Asked Stillage Questions

Over 90% of the stillages we sell on our website are manufactured in-house by us. Our family business was started by Melvyn Clarke over 30 years ago. Melvyn’s Son and Daughter (Paul and Kelly) also work full-time in the business.

Our Head Engineer Connor and our team of time-served engineers produce a wide variety of high-quality stillages for small, medium and large customers based across the UK.

Our customers include:

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Maybe you’ve been asked to purchase a new stillage for your business. Firstly, it’ll be helpful to understand what is a stillage but do you know about all of the custom options available from Metal Cages & Pallets to make sure your stillage is totally tailored to your business?

From drop-front or solid steel stillages to castor wheels, partitioning or stacking feet, Metal Cages & Pallets’ team of engineering specialists has created a versatile and customisable range of stillage products that will suit your business. Still not sure which stillage will be best for your business? Call our team for expert advice.

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Many customers approach us with an idea, a drawing or even a manufactured example of the steel stillage they’re looking for. Using our years of experience, our experts will design and produce a stillage that meets your needs.

We have designed and produced bespoke stillage designs for many customers, incorporating features to create truly unique products such as removable pallet legs, fork lift guides and removable partitioning

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One of the most common questions our team is asked is “what is a stillage”?

A stillage is usually designed and manufactured using steel and is used for separating and carrying goods, for example to move them around a factory floor or to aid in the transportation of goods.

Stillages can benefit your business by reducing the time it takes to load and unload your products during transportation to warehouses, or directly to end users.

Quality stillages will improve operational efficiency and productivity in your factory or warehouse. Our stillages are often manufactured to be stackable, maximising factory floor space and helping your factory to become more organised, making it easier to find the products you want when you need them.

Some stillages include a drop-front or top which makes it easier to add or remove products from the stillages when they are stacked. For smaller items, we incorporate a hatch door so you can quickly access what you need.

Each stillage by Metal Cages & Pallets has an optional galvanised finish, making our metal stillages even more durable so they can withstand heavy use and loads.

We pride ourselves on our bespoke metal stillage manufacture. Stillages can be customised to meet the needs of your business; whether you need more flexibility in your factory systems, safer storage or more secure transportation, Metal Cages & Pallets offers a wide range of options to help you create a product that suits your needs.

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Our stillages are manufactured in our 25,000ft² manufacturing facility which is based in Merseyside in the North West. We are just a few minutes from the M6 motorway providing fast access for transportation services to all parts of the UK.

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3 NEW products added to MC&P’s Material Handling, Trolley & Pipe Storage ranges!

MC&P’s products are popular UK-wide across sectors including logistics, warehousing construction, manufacturing, petrochemical and nuclear. Our new products have been designed with industry needs and requirements in mind and built by MC&P’s expert engineers.
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Stillages For Crane Lifting - See The Range & Shop Now

New to our range, crane lift stillages by Metal Cages & Pallets are a safe and specialist storage option where products are moved and positioned by crane.
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New heavy duty handling products - straight from our factory

Fully-welded and designed in-house at our St Helens warehouse, MC&P’s products are used across a wide range of industries including retail logistics, construction, manufacturing, engineering and warehousing.
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5 NEW products added to MC&P’s Stillage, Trolley & Post Pallet ranges!

Introducing MC&P’s all-new strong, space-saving and heavy duty products! Designed and Made in Britain to unique needs, and great for use across sectors including logistics, construction, manufacturing, petrochemical and nuclear, our new products have been developed with industry needs in...
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