Customise Your Stillage - Stillages Designed & Manufactured

Although we sell a wide range of off the shelf stillages to buy many of our customers have very specific needs which means we must design and manufacture customised stillages.

Quality stillages designed and manufactured

Please complete the form below. Please be as specific as possible, including internal/external dimensions required, what the stillage will be used for and your delivery postcode.


Here’s some examples of customised stillages that we have manufactured for customers across the UK:

Large 1.7m wide stillages with fork-lift guides and castors for ease of movement (without need for fork-lift). Stillage base was strengthened with additional steel sections.

2m tall mesh sided stillages with sheet shelving and 3 drop-fronts for longer term storage of loads.

Lockable and reinforced stillages for movement and secure short-term storage of coin currency.