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Customise Crane Lift Stillages, Baskets & A-Frames direct from our UK manufacturing facility. We also manufacture bespoke crane lifting stillages, baskets and A-frames to your own specifications.

Each crane lift stillage is fitted with 4 lifting eyes (or lifting lugs) to allow for the safe lifting or lowering of stillages by crane, forklift, telehandler or HIAB.

Our crane lift stillages, baskets and A-frames are carefully designed, manufactured and thoroughly examined prior to dispatch. These products are individually marked with an ID tag, and you will be provided with a LOLER Examination Testing Certificate.

The LOLER Examinations are carried out by our certified team who will carefully check each component to ensure your material lifting products are safe to use.

Before buying any of our material lifting products, please ensure that you carefully read our guide to the safe loading, storing, lifting (LOLER) and testing of stillages. Please contact us if you need any help or advice prior to purchase.


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  • A Frame Glass Stillage (Crane Lifting)

    This A Frame Stillage for Crane Lifting is ideal for safely moving glass and sheet materials to the right location. This Crane lift A Frame Stillage features a strong frame...
    From £719.00
  • Crane Lift Stillages & Lifting Basket with Solid Sides

    This crane lift stillage features strong metal sides and a solid base and is LOLER Certified with a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 1000KG. Please note this is a Crane...
    From £285.00
  • Material Lifting Basket with Mesh Sides & Solid Base

    This material lifting basket features strong mesh sides and a solid base and is LOLER Certified with a SWL (Safe Working Load) of 1000KG. Please note this is a Material...
    From £250.00
  • 2.9 Tonne Grade 100 4 Leg Chainsling c/w Latch Hooks

    2 Metre 2.9 Tonne 4 Leg Chainsling for use with our range of lifting stillages. Product Details: - 2 metre 6mm Grade 100 4 Leg Chain sling, Adjusters & comes...
  • Large Storage Stillage Bin, for Crane Lifting

    A double-width stillage bin, heavy duty, with lifting eyes for crane lifting. This duty stillage bin with 4 solid sides and a solid base, allowing for safe and efficient loading...
    From £499.00
  • Double Width Mesh Stillage Cage (Crane Lift)

    A versatile, double-width stillage cage with 4 mesh sides and a solid base, complete with crane lift facility. This crane lift stillage allows for safe and efficient loading and unloading...
    From £499.00