Rolled Materials Holder
Handle heavy rolls with MC&P’s Rolled Materials Holder MC&P’s Rolled Materials Holder is one of our strongest products, handling rolled materials up to 1000KG including: Plastic & vinyl Fabrics Carpet Manufactured using extra tough steel that doesn’t let you down,...
UK & Euro Sized Metal Pallets
MC&P’s UK & Euro Metal Pallets handle bulky loads with ease Manufactured with strong steel, MC&P's metal pallet handles heavier loads than a wooden pallet and provides you with a durable and longer-lasting pallet to properly support your operations, products...
from £250.00
IBC Trolley 1000KG Load Capacity
Keep stock rollin’ with MC&P’s NEW IBC Trolley MC&P’s IBC Trolley manoeuvres IBC containers within busy industries such as: Food & drink Cosmetic Pharmaceutical Chemical & any other sector operating bulk storage or transportation of IBC containers Offering convenience, efficiency...
Cantilever Wall Rack with Tilted Arms
Cantilever Wall Rack with Tilted Arms: Great for securely storing your longer length products Maximising space in your workplace, Cantilever Wall Rack with Tilted Arms are designed to securely store away longer length products, such as: Pipes Rods Timber Tubing...
IBC Stand 1000KG Load Capacity
IBC Stand: A strong, sturdy & reliable frame to elevate your IBC MC&P’s IBC Stand makes accessing and storing your heavy-duty IBC contents easy, whilst keeping IBCs off the floor to prevent accidents and spillages. Great for industries such as:...
from £330.00
Sold Out
Pallet Truck For Lifting & Moving Stillages (>2500KG)
This Pallet Truck is suitable for lifting stillages and post pallets loaded to 2500KG. Pallet Truck Details Turning radius of just 210° Suitable for lifting and moving our range of stillages and post pallets Reliable leak free hydraulic system Grease...
Sold Out
Forklift Tipping Skip - 1250L Capacity
This heavy-duty Forklift Self-Tipping Skip is durable and will accept loads to 2000KG. Forklift Self-Tipping Skips. Product Specifications: Type Forklift Self-Tipping Skip Steel thickness 3mm Plate Dimensions Length: 1770mmWidth: 1320mmHeight: 1100mm Finish Painted Yellow or Red Load Capacity (Safe Working...
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