Customised Stillages Manufactured to Order

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Customised Stillages Manufactured to Order

Buy customised stillages direct from Metal Cages & Pallets!

At Metal Cages & Pallets, we manufacture stillages in-house, for use across a huge array of industries including construction, retail, logistics and warehousing.

In addition to enabling ease of storage and transportation, our metal stillages can be conveniently stored away when no longer in use.

As one of the top metal stillage manufacturers in the UK, not only do we stock a standard range of stillages, we also produce customised stillages manufactured to order should you need specific features or dimensions. Many customers contact us to request this service due to having awkwardly shaped items, or construction materials which need storing or transporting. We can help develop your initial ideas further should you need guidance.

Our brand new website now includes a customised stillage section where you can find out more about this fantastic service.

All customised stillages are manufactured to order. This service includes:

  • Working with you to design and engineer your customised stillage
  • Offering sound advice and guidance thanks to more than 25 years’ experience in the industry
  • Building a prototype if requested, enabling you to try before committing to any bulk orders
  • Load testing your customised stillage if needed

Choose from the following options when designing your own metal stillage:

  • Extra tall
  • Extra wide
  • Reinforced
  • Manufactured from sheet or mesh steel
  • Drop fronted
  • Fork lift guides
  • Removable partitions
  • Castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Removable legs
  • Stackable feet for easy storage
  • Choose from a range of finishes such as painted, powder coated or galvanised
  • Lockable

See what we can do 

Here are some examples of customised stillages we manufactured to order for customers across the UK.

Manufacturing industry

We designed a large 1.7m wide stillage with fork life guides and castors for ease of movement. The stillage base was strengthened with additional steel sections.


To meet the needs of a warehousing customer requiring a long-term storage solution, we designed 2m tall mesh-sided stillages with sheet shelving and 3 drop fronts.


To secure short-term storage of silver and copper currency, we designed lockable and reinforced stillages.

Nuclear Industry

To house spent nuclear products long-term, we designed strengthened storage stillages.


For this particular customer reinforced stillages were required for the delivery, storage and display of heavy ‘point of sale’ items.

Why Metal Cages & Pallets?

  • Experienced - Our stillage design and manufacturing service is carried out at our Greater Manchester plant by highly experienced engineers using only the best steel available. Our engineers have worked with customers across all industries and are proficient in finding stillage solutions to suit you and your business.
  • Our customers come first - We aim to please by ensuring that any stillage you purchase from us is of the highest quality and specifically meets your needs. All our stillages are rigorously safety tested and quality assured. We distribute nationally and are proud of our unrivalled customer service and loyal client base.
  • Manufacturer and online retailer - As a stillage manufacturer and online retailer, we are able to speak directly to the end users of our products, giving customers complete peace of mind that their stillage needs will be met. Customers can buy from us without the markups or middlemen of catalogue companies – and we can start building your order without delay.
  • We can save you money - Not only are we approximately 60% cheaper than other online retailers, we also offer discount for bulk orders!

Would your business benefit from customised stillages manufactured to order?

Contact us today! Fill in our simple website form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

Or call us on 01942 386830 to speak directly with an engineer. 

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