Collapsible Wire Mesh Pallet Cages

Foldable wire mesh pallet cage now in stock!

Used by businesses across a diverse range of industries, collapsible wire mesh pallet cages are manufactured with a zinc plated finish for a durable and hard-wearing product.

From logistics and warehousing storage industries to retail, factory and manufacturing businesses, the foldable wire mesh pallet cage can be folded down when not in use to save on storage and transportation costs when empty. Loads are safely transported or stored, with strong wire mesh metal sides secured upright and the construction allowing for one drop-fronted side, convenient for unloading and reaching products at the bottom of the pallet cage.

Stackable Pallet Cage - Foldable Wire Mesh, 800KG Capacity - Shop Now

A practical product, the foldable wire mesh pallet cage is suitable for use on wooden or plastic pallets during storage and transportation.

Collapsible wire mesh pallet cages for great-value logistics and storage across the UK

Supplying directly to customers, Metal Cages & Pallets is able to offer collapsible wire mesh pallet cages, making them excellent value for busy work, storage, retail and transportation spaces. The foldable wire mesh pallet cage can be stacked up to 4 units high, making it an excellent option for tight spaces.

Galvanised and foldable wire mesh pallet cage

Photograph of our foldable wire mesh pallet cage.

This collapsible wire mesh pallet cage is manufactured using galvanised steel and cannot be painted. Customisable options are not available for this product, which is manufactured to standard specifications.

An easy-to-use foldable wire mesh pallet cage from the UK’s leading supplier

Since 1995, our Metal Cages & Pallets team has supplied bespoke and off-the-shelf storage and steel stillage solutions for businesses and industries across Greater Manchester, the UK and worldwide. We understand the needs of our customers, offering solutions that work for them and their business operations.

Sourced by a team with over 25 years’ experience in the supply of metal and steel pallets, cages and stillages, this foldable wire mesh pallet cage will offer an excellent, robust and convenient storage and transportation solution for your factory, warehouse, retail or manufacturing business whilst saving space and costs when not in use.

Delivery of your foldable wire mesh pallet cage

We can deliver your order throughout the UK.

Contact MC&P or call us on 01942 386 830 to speak to our experienced engineers about our range of heavy duty storage products.

MC&P can offer discounts on volume orders of 40+ stillages.
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