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Trolley stillage range now available to buy online from MC&P

NEW RANGE! Heavy duty trolley stillages made in Britain & available online now

Designed, engineered and supplied directly by our expert stillage team, our new range of heavy duty trolley stillages offers storage and transportation solutions to a hugely diverse range of industries and workplace settings.

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Since 1995, we’ve been working with customer businesses to understand their operational demands and challenges, creating unique stillages, cages, boxes, trolleys and pallets which protect their products and personnel, allowing for the safe handling, transportation and storage of an incredibly varied range of goods.

Proudly Made In Britain at our Greater Manchester workshop, all of our trolley stillages are dispatched quickly for fast delivery nationwide.

Customised heavy duty trolley stillages

Because all of our products are designed and manufactured by our own Metal Cages & Pallets team, we’re able to offer great options to customise trolley stillages to suit your needs.

Whether you need to add forklift pockets for safe lifting, castor wheels for increased manoeuvrability, or alternative shelving arrangements, we’ll advise and design a unique trolley stillage product.

Our heavy duty trolley stillage range

Heavy duty pipe & rod racking trolley stillages

With 8 pairs of lateral supports, the pipe and rod racking stillage makes for the convenient storage and movement of pipes, rods, tubing and longer-length products in many workplace and manufacturing environments.

Pipe and Rod Racking Stillage

Customise and buy this pipe and rack stillage today!

If you’re moving tubes, rods, piping or other materials of varying lengths, our heavy duty pipe & rod racking trolley stillage is also available with mesh shelve.

Customise and buy this pipe and rack stillage with mesh shelves

Customise and buy this pipe and rack stillage today!

Metal stillage trolley (‘trikke’)

Designed to be a perfect fit for our standard stillages, the trolley stillage, or trikke, on castor wheels enables the free and safe movement of stillages and contents around your workplace without the need for a forklift.

Buy this trolley stillage/trikke today!

Customise and buy this stillage trolley today!

Large A-frame glass stillage trolley

Popular in the glazing industry, our A-frame stillage trolley safely moves glass and other sheet materials within factories and on site, protecting valuable goods during handling.

Buy this glass A-Frame trolley stillage today!

Customise and buy this glass A-frame stillage trolley today!

Heavy duty 2-tier table trolley

This incredibly versatile and highly durable product, available in a number of sizes and fully customisable, is used by customers across a wide range of industries to move heavy or bulky items safely.

Buy this 2-tier table trolley stillage today!

Customise and buy this 2-tier table trolley today!

Shelf stock trolley stillage with mesh sides

Perfect for stock picking and replenishment, the heavy duty shelf stock trolley stillage features 4 durable softwood ply shelves and is fully customisable according to how your business needs to pick, replenish and move its goods.

Buy this shelf stock trolley online today!

Customise and buy this shelf stock trolley today!

Heavy duty sheet, board & panel trolley stillage

An ideal solution for the safe and efficient storage and movement of wallboards, MDF, ply timer and other sheet materials, both within manufacturing areas and on site.

Sheet, board and panel trolley stillage - buy now

Customise and buy this sheet, board and panel trolley stillage today!

Heavy duty distribution trolley stillage with removable shelves

Designed for use either as a flat-bed trolley for larger items or with shelves for the movement of multiple goods, goods are handled efficiently in your workplace with this durable and versatile trolley stillage.

Heavy duty distribution trolley with removable shelves - buy now!

 Customise and buy this distribution trolley stillage today!

Heavy duty reel, carpet & pipe stillage trolley

Long-length and weighty items including carpets, timber and reels are stored and transported easily with this heavy duty trolley stillage, designed with stackable feet to maximise space and customisable with forklift pockets and castor wheels for added manoeuvrability.

Shop for this pipe, reet and carpet trolley stillage

Customise and buy this reel, carpet and pipe trolley stillage today!

Heavy duty platform truck trolley stillage

Move bulky and heavy items safely around your factory, warehouse or site with this customisable and hard-wearing platform, flat-bed trolley stillage, featuring a softwood ply base and easy-runner castor wheels.

Customise and buy this platform truck today!

Customise and buy this heavy duty platform truck today!

Fast turnaround and delivery of your trolley stillages

Choose to either collect your trolley stillage order directly from our workshop, or we can deliver your new trolley stillages anywhere in the UK.

Order trolley stillages direct from Metal Cages & Pallets

Contact MC&P or call 01942 386 830 to speak to our experienced engineers about our trolley stillage range.

MC&P can offer discounts on volume orders of 40+ stillages.


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