Stillage Engineers

Stillage Engineers

Stillage Engineers

Customisable Stillages

All stillages by us at Metal Cages and Pallets are engineered in the UK by hand by our in house stillage engineers, sourced from the best quality steel available. All our standard steel stillages are fully-customisable allowing you to create a product perfectly matched to your business.

Request a Customised Stillage Quotation

For your own stillage you can choose from options including:

  • ‘360’ castor wheels, for greater freedom of movement and removing the need for a fork lift
  • Stackable feet to maximise space
  • Plate or mesh steel
  • Drop-fronted or solid-wall stillages
  • Extra-tall, extra-wide or extra-long stillages
  • Internal removable partitioning, allowing one stillage to be used for the storage and transportation of multiple smaller items
  • Fork lift guides for safe movement
  • Wide choice of painted or galvanised finishes

Many companies approach us with an idea, a drawing or even sometimes an existing example of the steel stillage they’re looking for. Using our many years of experience, our experts will design and produce a stillage that meets your company’s needs.

Why buy from Metal Cages and Pallets?

Our stillage engineers have over 10 years’ experience in the engineering and manufacture of steel stillage products. Our industry experts have developed a wide range of storage and transportation solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including those in retail, manufacturing and nuclear sectors. We’re also experts in fabrication for specialist industries including transportation, petrochemical and nuclear, creating products tailored to the unique requirements of each sector.

Our team will work with you to identify your needs and suggest solutions, helping your business to operate more efficiently with a quality-assured stillage product.

We’re happy to develop and test a prototype sample before manufacturing a larger order, ensuring that your steel stillage works for you.

Get in touch!

Click here or call 01942 386830 to speak to our engineers. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do the rest!

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