Stillages for Transport

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Stillages for Transport

Storage of large or awkwardly shaped items can be tricky in a warehouse or retail situation. Transportation can present even greater problems.

The most practical and cost effective solution when shifting such stock, not least construction materials, can be found in the use of industrial pallets and stillages.

At Metal Cages & Pallets we manufacture a range of stillages for transport to ensure your goods are secured and well contained when on the move.

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As well as our standard stock of metal cages and metal post pallets, our experienced design and engineering team can customise stillages for transport to your exact specifications.

Choose from the following options to tailor your stillage:

  • Choose from steel plate, mesh steel, or post pallet combination
  • Stillage cages with demountable legs or removable sides
  • Raw, painted, powder coated or galvanised finish
  • Stillage partitions
  • Castor wheels for increased mobility
  • Forklift guides

Our stillages are stackable and adaptable too, with our metal post stillages featuring removable legs allowing easy storage when no longer in use.

Whether it’s euro pallets, scaffold or large quantities of small components you need to transport, our products can more than meet your needs. Thanks to more than 25 years experience designing and manufacturing a flexible range of metal stillages and pallets we are now one of the top producers in the UK.

Each metal stillage is built using state of the art technology, is safety tested to a high standard and comes with our quality assurance and price match promise.

Want to know more about our stillage range for transport?

Click here or call 01942 386830 to speak to a member of our experienced team.

We distribute nationally and can guarantee a complete and unrivalled customer service.

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