Automotive stillages

Stillages by Metal Cages & Pallets are manufactured in-house by our team of experienced stillage engineering experts, meaning we’ll design and manufacture metal stillages from scratch based on the specific needs of your automotive business.

When designing and manufacturing automotive stillages, our team delivers a full suite of services including:

  • Consultancy: with over 35 years’ experience in the industry, our stillage experts will work with you and your organisation to understand what your automotive business needs from your metal stillages and suggest the best solution
  • Design support: we’ll design your bespoke metal automotive stillages based on your specific requirements identified during consultancy, incorporating any additional features you need to create a solution that works for you
  • Engineering: our experienced stillage manufacturers will engineer your bespoke metal stillages for your automotive business’s needs, incorporating features that are truly unique to your automotive stillages and allow you to utilise and move stillages easily
  • Safety & protection: we understand that your automotive stillages will be storing high-end, expensive products, which is why we safety-test many of our stillages with Lloyds British for additional reassurance that your automotive stillages are of the highest standard.


Metal Cages's Automotive stillages

Our automotive stillages are highly-engineered and built with strength to transport and store your high-value automotive parts. MC&P’s stillage experts will consult with you to design your automotive business’s bespoke automotive stillages based on your exact specifications. MC&P’s automotive stillages are engineered to last, protecting your automotive parts to deliver your client’s high-value product with the quality surface finishes they’d expect!

The most complex parts of our automotive stillages are the design of the automotive stillage ‘foot’ and the ‘dunnage’.

Stillage feet are built to strength to ensure they’re able to support high-value automotive parts. The ‘dunnage’, meanwhile, comprises the soft stillage components that support and protect your automotive parts. MC&P understands that there are many different automotive parts requiring support in a variety of ways, which is why we offer bespoke automotive stillages to meet your automotive business’s specific automotive stillage needs.

Quality automotive stillages for industry

Your specialist engineered, bespoke automotive stillages will be safely stored and transported. We understand how important it is that your stillages arrive in excellent condition ready to store your range of high-end automotive parts, and we work hard to make sure that your stillages arrive ready for immediate use.

Contact MC&P to discuss your automotive stillage needs!

Contact us or call 01942 386830 to discuss your tailored automotive stillages with one of our stillage experts.

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