Stillage Paint and Finish Options

Most of the stillages we manufacture are sprayed blue as standard. This blue finish is not a protective coating, and over time will degrade during the lifetime of the product. The amount of wear very much depends on how the stillage is used and stored over time.

We do offer a galvanisation and powder coating service although these can be costly options. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

We also offer a raw steel finish if required, as a no-cost option.

Paint Finish (Colour Match)

We can supply stillages in any RAL colour, this is useful if you’d like your stillages to match your corporate colours. This is a ‘cost’ option and some colours require more coats of paint than others (particularly very light or dark colours).

Please supply us with a RAL code so that we can provide you with an accurate quotation. Please click here to see a list of RAL colours.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Logo Stencil/ID Marking

We offer our customers a range of spray stencil options. Customers often request this option to ensure that their stillages can be quickly identified.

We can spray stencil your company logo or any other unique identifier to your stillage order as required.

Each stencil incurs a £35+vat set-up fee, and then a £9.50+vat fee per stillage for application. Please contact us for further information

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