What is a Metal Post Pallet?

Not sure what you’re looking for when you’re buying metal post pallets or demountable post pallets?

Our metalcagesandpallets.co.uk team has been manufacturing post pallets, demountable post pallets and stillages for over 35 years. Read more for our guide on what a post pallet is, how the products can help your business to make the most of the space available and for more information on our range of customisable post pallets.

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What are post pallets and why use them?

Post pallets by metalcagesandpallets.co.uk make an ideal safe storage and stacking solution for busy warehouses, factories, retailers and a huge range of other industries. Built with steel feet and stackable up to 4 units high, post pallets are strong and forklift-friendly, suitable for the storage and transportation of a vast variety of goods.

Post pallets are a tough and durable alternative to wooden pallets, adopting standard sizing to avoid the need to rearrange your warehouse, factory or logistics operations.

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Benefits to using metal post pallets

Professionally-engineered post pallets will help your business to run smoothly, whilst keeping your workforce and goods safe. Easily moved by forklift, especially where forklift guide pockets are installed, post pallets will reduce loading and unloading times during transportation whilst offering a space-saving solution that allows you to increase productivity without outlay on additional storage areas.

Our standard post pallets are manufactured to a tried and tested specification, but customised features such as castor wheels, forklift pockets, extended sizes and finishing options will help to create a post pallet that’s perfect for your business.

What are demountable post pallets?

“Hi Paul – I’m not sure what demountable post pallets can be used for or what I should be looking for when choosing them.”

Demountable post pallets can be used for the same wide range of industries and applications as a standard post pallet. The demountable post pallet design makes a great alternative to racking and products are an excellent temporary storage and transportation option during busy periods and to handle larger or infrequent orders.

Legs are removed from the post pallet when not in use and the post pallets stacked efficiently for easy storage. Our quality manufacture and materials ensure that your demountable post pallets are always in excellent condition and ready for use when you need them.

Photo of Demountable Post Pallet

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What post pallet products are available?

Metalcagesandpallets.co.uk manufacture a complete range of post pallets and demountable post pallets.

Our post pallets are available to customise and buy online now. Our post pallet range includes:

All post pallets manufactured by metalcagesandpallets.co.uk are fully customisable. Just contact our team for more information, or choose from customised options including:

  • Heavy duty castor wheels for ease of movement with no forklift required (note that post pallets with castor wheels are not stackable)
  • Forklift guide pockets
  • Unpainted, colour or galvanised steel finishes
  • Bespoke widths, heights or reinforced construction

Bulk discounts are available when ordering 40 or more post pallets. Just call 01942 386 83.

Why buy metal post pallets from Metal Cages & Pallets?

Metal Cages & Pallets’ family team has over 35 years’ experience in the engineering and manufacture of steel stillages and post pallets. Our industry experts have developed a wide range of storage and transportation solutions with fully-customisable options that meet the needs of a broad customer base, including those in the retail, manufacturing, logistics and nuclear sectors to name but a few.

We’re located close to the M6, making us accessible nationwide throughout the UK and beyond.

Our post pallets are designed, engineered and distributed from our Greater Manchester base. We’re proud British manufacturers, members of Made In Britain, sourcing our steel locally and engineering from scratch in the UK.

Our Post Pallets Are Made In Britain

Importantly, we design and manufacture all of our products in-house, making our products great value for money and ensuring a quick turnaround for delivery when you buy directly from us.

Need more information about post pallets? If you’re looking for further advice or for a more bespoke post pallet product to suit your needs, please give us a call on 01942 386 830 or send us an email. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

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