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NEW! Buy Crane Lift Stillages online now from Metal Cages & Pallets – From £210+vat

New to our range, crane lift stillages by Metal Cages & Pallets are a safe and specialist storage option where products are moved and positioned by crane.

Crane lift stillages are used on sites where personnel are working at height, requiring access to products on upper floors of scaffolding or a building, where transported goods are to be removed from trailers via crane rather than forklift, or perhaps where a forklift or castor wheel stillage can’t be used for either safety or efficiency due to the condition of the working site or the room available.

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Our team has adapted our standard stillages and testing systems for crane lift stillages to deliver a durable, hard-wearing storage solution which is fully compliant with LOLER and crane lifting regulations.

Why buy Crane Lift Stillages from MC&P?

MC&P’s crane lift stillages are a specialist product, developed following investment by our business in industrial measuring equipment and testing skills. Both enable us to undertake product examinations in-house, giving you the reassurance you need that your crane lift stillage is built to last and will perform on site.

Our team has completed training in the Thorough Examination of Lifting Equipment Accessories, and you’re welcome to request copies of our certificates if required.

When conducting examinations of our crane lift stillages, we include component checks such as:

  • Condition and structural integrity of the product
  • Clear and securely-attached Safe Lifting Weight markings
  • Clear and securely-attached serial number markings
  • Secure feet
  • Secure lifting points
  • Fully-completed welds throughout
  • Checking for any cracking in welds

Certification of your Crane Lift Stillages

Following manufacture and examination of crane lift stillages, our team will issue a ‘Report of a Thorough Examination and Test of Lifting Equipment’ certificate in accordance with LOLER. Your certificate will be issued to your company name by Prospect Engineering (trading as Metal Cages & Pallets) and includes:

  • Tag ID – a unique identification mark for your stillage, containing a unique ID number
  • Description of equipment and any other additional accessories supplied
  • Number of units examined
  • Safe Lifting Weight and Working Load Limit of your crane lift stillage
  • Date when the product is due its next Thorough Examination (6 months from the date of first examination)

Metal Cages & Pallets is a competent person for the purposes of the LOLER regulations, and is permitted to carry out 6-monthly Thorough Examination checks on crane lift stillages.

Crane Lift Stillages by Metal Cages & Pallets

As always, our crane lift stillages are Made in Britain in our Greater Manchester workshop, available to order online directly from our range or manufactured to your bespoke specifications.

Crane lift stillages are fitted with lifting eyes, welded to the stillage and manufactured from 5mm plate steel with a 30mm diameter fixing hole, to enable lifting or lowering of stillages by crane, forklift, telehandler or HIAB.

Crane lift stillage with solid sides

Crane lift stillage with solid sides – from £210+vat

This crane lift stillage is engineered with solid metal sides and a solid base, ideal for use in almost any construction, logistics, warehousing or factory environment. The stillage features 4 lifting eyes and is LOLER-certified, with a Safe Working Load of 1000kg.

Customisable with forklift pockets, castor wheels and in a range of sizes according to your site’s needs.

Order the Crane Lift Stillage with solid sides online!

Crane lift stillage with mesh sides

Crane lift stillage with mesh sides – from £210+vat

A crane lift stillage manufactured with strong mesh steel sides and a solid base, utilised by clients across sectors including construction, manufacturing, engineering and logistics. This stillage features 4 lifting eyes, is LOLER-certified and carries a Safe Working Load of 1000kg.

Available in a range of sizes, and customisable with forklift pockets and/or castor wheels.

Order the Crane Lift Stillage with mesh sides online!

2-metre 2.9 tonne chain sling latch hooks for use with Crane Lift Stillages

2-metre 2.9 tonne chainsling latch hooks for use with Crane Lift Stillages - £179+vat

Available from MC&P, and suitable for use with our crane lift stillages, is a heavy-duty, 2m chain sling with a Working Load Limit of 2.9 tonnes. Featuring 4 legs with latch hooks, the Grade 100 chain sling offers 25% greater lifting capacity than a G80.

Order 2 metre, 2.9 tonne, Grade 100 chain sling online!

Crane Lift Stillages by the UK’s leading stillage, pallet & handling product manufacturer

For over 25 years, Metal Cages & Pallets has designed and manufactured stillages, cages, pallets and other heavy-duty handling products for clients throughout the UK and worldwide. Now the UK’s leading supplier of steel storage, loading and logistics products, our range is designed in-house by our team and engineered in our Greater Manchester workshop before being shipped quickly and at highly competitive prices.

We’re not a catalogue company. Crane lift stillages from MC&P are quality products, built by our own team to an exceptionally high standard, backed by our investment in training and skills to ensure we’re supplying compliant products for your workplace and people. Stillages, cages and pallets by MC&P are used by well-known names including B&M, Homebase, Dunelm and the National Trust.

Order Crane Lift Stillages from Metal Cages & Pallets

Order online or call 01942 386830 to speak to our experienced engineers about our crane lift stillage range.

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