Heavy-Duty Metal Stillages manufactured by Metal Cages & Pallets

MC&P’s Heavy-Duty Metal Stillages

Since 1988, MC&P has grown to be the UK’s leading supplier of heavy-duty storage, loading and logistics products, including metal stillages, UK-wide.

Offering a wide range of off-the-shelf and customised metal stillages for organisations across the UK, MC&P’s metal stillages are designed and manufactured in-house at our St Helens workshop to the highest of stillage standards. Equip your workplace with a versatile heavy-duty metal stillage today!

What is a metal stillage?

A metal stillage is a strong materials handling product built for use in a wide range of industries across the UK. Manufactured and fabricated to give years of trouble-free service, metal stillages are incredibly products that can handle many storage applications. Metal stillages are fully-welded (not screwed or riveted) for strength and durability, and manufactured in-house using tough steel.

Is a ‘metal bin’ the same as a metal stillage?

Yes. Metal stillages are often referred to under different names. Here are some other names regularly used when referring to metal stillages:

  • Metal bins
  • Metal part bins
  • Metal pallet boxes
  • Stackable metal pallets

MC&P’s metal stillage product options

MC&P’s first heavy-duty metal stillage was manufactured in 1988 and continues to be one of our UK’s best-selling products.

Photo of metal stillage manufactured in-house by our own engineers

MC&P’s heavy-duty metal stillage with solid sides & manufactured with strong steel that won’t let you down!

MC&P’s solid-sided metal stillage is used by businesses in industries such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Scaffolding
  • Warehousing
  • Engineering
  • … & many more workplaces!

MC&P’s original solid-sided metal stillage is designed and engineered by our expert team in the UK, giving you great reassurance that your solid-sided metal stillage is built by the best. Stackable to 4 units high, our solid-sided metal stillage is a strong, space-saving storage option that can handle almost any load you can think of.

Other types of metal stillages that are available to order direct from MC&P:

MC&P’s customisable metal stillage options

Customise your heavy-duty metal stillage with forklift pockets, allowing your team to easily store, move and transport loaded and unloaded metal stillages quickly and safely around your workplace. Forklift pockets also offer enhanced safety when loading metal stillages on and off HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles).

Don’t have access to a forklift? Not a problem! Customise your metal stillage with heavy-duty castor wheels for ease of handling your goods around site. Heavy-duty castor wheels are available to purchase in several sizes to cater for a range of metal stillage SWLs (Safe Working Loads). Each castor wheel features a 360-swivel action and a locking brake facility, allowing you to safely move, store and load your metal stillages.

MC&P offers a wide range of crane lift metal stillages (often referred to as lifting baskets). These metal stillages include 4 lifting lugs positioned at each corner of the stillage. A full-range of crane lift metal stillages are available to buy direct from our online store. Check out MC&P’s crane lift metal stillages!

What are the benefits of MC&P’s metal stillages?

MC&P’s heavy-duty metal stillages are designed for the storage of bulky and heavy-duty loads, making it easier for you and your team to work efficiently in a safe and organised space.

  • Our heavy-duty metal stillages are built with a Safe Working Load up to 1000KG
  • Metal stillage variants include mesh sides, detachable sides, lockable lids & more
  • All of MC&P’s metal stillages are great value, durable and strong
  • MC&P’s heavy-duty metal stillages are stackable up to 4 units high
  • Customise your heavy-duty metal stillage with castor wheels and/or forklift pockets for safe transportation
CAD drawing of metal stillage

What can a metal stillage be used for?

MC&P metal stillages are built to last. Some organisations that commonly use heavy-duty metal stillages include:

  • Logistics, transportation & rail
  • Manufacturing/component manufacturing
  • Automotive
  • Oil & gas
  • Parts recycling
  • Engineering & construction (including scaffolding)
  • Agriculture, farming, fisheries & forestry
  • Government, military & defence

Why choose MC&P for your heavy-duty metal stillages?

With over 35 years’ experience, MC&P is the UK’s NO.1 online supplier of heavy-duty storage, loading and logistic products, including metal stillages, storage containers, trolleys, racks and much more. Proudly Made in Britain at our St Helens workshop with credibility honesty and great customer service, your metal stillages are delivered quickly before getting straight to work on your site.

Fully-welded to our high standards, Metal Cages & Pallets are proud to supply metal stillages to leading organisations such as B&M, Homebase, Dunelm, The National Trust, The Environment Agency and Wayfair, and many more.

Order your heavy-duty Metal Stillages today!

Order online, contact MC&P or call 01942 386 839 to speak to our experienced team about our metal stillages or our wider range of handling, logistics and storage products.

Choose to collect from us in St Helens (10 mins from the M6), or we can deliver your metal stillage throughout the UK.

We’re NOT A CATALOGUE COMPANY. Products are manufactured by our in-house engineers, with trade prices offered on our full stillage range. Ordering 40 or more metal stillages? Contact us for a quote and a 40+ unit bulk-buy discount.

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