Improve business efficiency with MC&P’s customised metal stillages

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Improve business efficiency with MC&P’s customised metal stillages

The use of metal stillages can enhance the running, productivity and efficiency of any business.

Customised metal stillages by Metal Cages & Pallets are the perfect solution for increasing efficiency within your business! We manufacture all of our stillages in-house at our Greater Manchester factory for a wide range of industries including construction, retail, logistics and warehousing.

Through continual investment in technology we deliver superior-quality customised metal stillages for your business. With the in-house facilities needed for a fast turnaround of bespoke products, our experienced engineers will design and manufacture stillages completely to order should you need specific features or dimensions.

MC&P’s customised metal stillages service includes:

  • Working with you to design and engineer your customised metal stillage
  • Offering expert advice and guidance thanks to more than 25 years’ experience in the industry
  • If requested, building a prototype, enabling you to try before committing to a bulk order
  • If needed, we load test your customised metal stillages

How MC&P’s customised metal stillages will help your business

Limited to moving your goods with a forklift in your factory or warehouse? Metal stillages by Metal Cages & Pallets can be moved around a factory or warehouse floor easily by adding heavy duty 360/lockable castor wheels instead of stillage feet, meaning your staff will be able move goods more quickly themselves without needing a forklift, aiding efficiency where you need to speed up your production line and decreasing potential health and safety risks.

Not making the most of your factory or warehouse’s space?

With stackable feet and a range of options for drop-fronted stillages and hatch doors, our customised metal stillages will enable you to maximise the space you have available, increasing production and storage with solutions that work for your business.

How you can customise your metal stillages with MC&P

We design and manufacture all of our customised metal stillages in-house at our Greater Manchester factory. We work with you to design and engineer everything you need from your customised metal stillages.

Some customisable options for your metal stillages:

  • Extra height and width
  • Add removable partitions
  • Add hatch door
  • Forklift guides
  • Removable legs
  • Stackable feet
  • Heavy duty 360/lockable castor wheels for easy mobility
  • Lockable stillages

We're trusted stillage experts!

Clients from across the UK and overseas have valued Metal Cages & Pallets’ industry leading expertise for over 25 years. We assure quality with our customised metal stillages and customers rely on us time after time to deliver their quality metal stillages.

Would your business benefit from customised metal stillages?

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