What to do with your old metal stillages!

Repair or recycle your old stillage

What to do with your old metal stillages!

Have you got old, rusty metal stillages you’re not sure what to do with? It’s important to make sure your business’s metal stillages are in good condition, with no excessive rust, as this can render the stillage unsafe for use. Looking for some ideas? Repair, recycle or refurb your old stillages with MC&P!

Metal Cages & Pallets is a leading metals fabricator with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. Through continual investment in technology we deliver superior-quality metal stillages for your business. As well as manufacturing new metal stillages, we bring old metal stillages back into productivity with expert engineering knowledge and experience.

If you notice your metal stillages are looking tired or unsafe, Metal Cages & Pallets’ team of experienced engineers recommends: 

1. Stillage scrapping

Do your metal stillages look something like this?

Old Metal Cages stillage

Then they’re most likely beyond salvage! Metal stillages are usually manufactured using ungalvanised steel, so excessive rust can render a stillage unsafe for further use.

Thoroughly check for any damage caused by excessive rust, fractured welds and damaged anchor points (if fitted). If you suspect that your metal stillages are damaged, it’s safer to scrap or recycle them.

2. Stillage repair

Don’t want to scrap your metal stillages just yet? Refurbishing your metal stillages should always be considered before scrapping – for financial as well as environmental reasons! If your metal stillages have only recently been manufactured and you’re noticing signs of wear, it may be possible to have them professionally repaired by Metal Cages & Pallets.

At Metal Cages & Pallets we offer a metal stillages repair and repaint service. Once your used metal stillages are in Metal Cages & Pallets’ workshop we will repair, straighten or weld and re-paint your metal stillages to extend their lifecycle.

Please remember to allow for the costs of collection and delivery to our workshop when choosing to repair your used metal stillages.

3. Stillage buy-back

Are your metal stillages no longer required in your business? Metal Cages & Pallets offers a stillage buy-back service for restoration and resale of metal stillages. Depending on the quantity and condition we’ll buy your metal stillages from your business, even if we didn’t originally manufacture them!

*Please send us representative photographs of your metal stillages and we’ll get back to you with a fully inclusive unit price. Find out more!

4. Invest in new metal stillages

Metal Cages & Pallets manufactures a wide range of metal stillages, either off-the-shelf to buy right now (visit our online shop!) or fully customisable, brand-new metal stillages to the same specifications as your old metal stillages. Find out more about Metal Cages & Pallets’ customisable metal stillages.

Trusted metal stillage experts!

Clients from the UK and overseas have valued our industry leading expertise for over 25 years. Metal Cages & Pallets assure quality and customers rely on us time after time to deliver their quality metal stillage and pallet requirements. We regularly safety-test products with Lloyds British for additional reassurance that your metal stillages are of the highest standard.

Would your business benefit from stillage repair, stillage buy-back or new metal stillages?

Contact us or call 01942 386830 to speak to a member of our friendly team. Our engineers can advise you on the best option for your metal stillages.

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