Stillages For Sale From £54

Stillage for sale from the UKs No.1 Stillage Manufacturer and Retailer. Buy stillages direct from our factory and save over 60%.

Our stillages are highly versatile and are designed and manufactured in-house using only the best steel available.

We stock a comprehensive range of stillages for sale via our website from just £54, and our standard options are available for dispatch directly from our UK factory for just £59 delivery - no matter how many stillages you order! Did you know that we also manufacture customised stillages to suit your needs?

Stillages for sale - shop now!

Our superior quality products are widely used in transportation, storage, manufacturing and retail display, so whatever your stillage requirements, we can provide the right solution!

A selection of stillages available for sale

Types of stillages for sale

We have a broad range of stillages for sale at Metal Cages and Pallets. We can also customise our products to meet your needs because we manufacture everything in-house.

Metal cage stillages for sale

All our metal cage stillages are stackable to maximise your available space and are manufactured using mesh steel, sheet steel or a combination of both. Each stillage is also made with a durable finish enabling it to withstand lots of heavy use.

Your choice of metal cage stillage will depend on your individual requirements. For smaller items, our sheet steel stillages complete with partitions are an ideal solution. For longer, lighter stock, such as plastic pipes, rolls of cloth or fabric rolls, a post based stillage would be ideal.

In most warehouse situations we would recommend a stillage with forklift guides to guarantee even balance during lifting, or heavy duty castor wheels for ease of movement.

The following stillage options are available for sale to help you decide what you need from your metal stillage:

  • Drop front door
  • Removable front door
  • Half hinged drop front door
  • Removable partitions
  • Heavy duty castor wheels
  • Forklift guides
  • Mesh open top

Metal post pallet stillages for sale

Why buy from Metal Cages and Pallets?

Our trusted team of engineers has the knowledge and experience to design a stillage that suits the needs of your business. As we design and manufacture all our stillages in-house and distribute nationally, our family team can guarantee a complete and unrivalled customer service.

Contact our team today to enquire about stillages for sale or to discuss your bespoke storage solutions!

Please call 01942 386830 or email.

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